Blonding Services



An Ombre is a transition from dark to lightened hair. This can be done many ways and like all blonding services, timing and price depends on your hair history. $100/hr


Balayage is a specialty service resulting in dimensional soft color that requires minimum maintenance as it grows out. This is perfect for that brunette that just wants a kiss of color or that wants to start playing with being a blonde. $100/hr


For rainbows and vibrant creative colors you will need to receive a double process. First, you will be lightened ("bleached") all over to achieve a fashion color. Secondly, the custom created vivids will be applied! This service will take up to 6 hours per session. $100/hr

Face Frame Highlight

The "money piece" everyone wants. This is the best way to brighten up around the face and refresh your balayage. $60+

Partial Highlight

Quick maintenance foils placed customized to where you part your hair + a few around your face and neck. This is the perfect touch-up until your next half or full foil. $75+

Half Highlight

The most popular maintenance option! Includes foils placed across the top of the head from ear to ear + a few around your hairline. AKA a "heavy" partial highlight. $120+

Full Highlight

For a beautiful dimensional blonde. This is perfect for someone that wants to really brighten up their color. It Includes foils placed around the entire head. $145+

Platinum Blonde

You want to be a solid blonde from roots to ends but you're currently a brunette or a warmer blonde. This is the process of going from a darker color to a solid platinum blonde. $100/hr