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rebels like us enjoy the comfort of a safe space, like the masquerade for a show, cosplaying at cons, or just hanging out with friends vibing. you know, when you can take that deep breath + 100% be yourself?

that is how it feels as a guest in my studio.

do not let your hair confusion stress you out!

I can translate and provide references to help explain the process, technique and different color hues during your consultation when we get started.

I am the kind of stylist who will take your lead. it is my job to communicate consistently through the appointment and create a look in your budget!


we all want to spill the tea and drop the filters! so if you are into keeping it real, I am into you.


few topics are off limits, snacks are stocked, and the white claw is cold! I also have free parking, wifi + glitter extensions if you are feeling frisky.

if you are into it + want to take the next step please fill out my CONSULTATION FORM.

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