new guest experience


rebels like you + me enjoy the comfort of a safe space, like the masquerade for a show, cosplaying at cons, or just hanging out with friends vibing. you know, when you can take that deep breath + 100% be yourself?

that's how it feels as a guest in my studio.

I decided to open my own salon suite in a private studio environment because I couldn't be my actual self with my guests. because I constantly felt like the "other" in a big salon. I needed my safe space because my guests are instantly my friends!

we all want to spill the tea and drop the filters, so if you're into keeping it real, I'm into you.

few topics are off limits, snacks are stocked, and the white claw is cold! I also have free parking, wifi, phone chargers +


if you're feeling frisky.


don't let your hair confusion stress you out,

I can translate and provide references to help explain the process, technique and different color hues during your consultation when we get started.


I am the kind of stylist who will take your lead. it's my job to communicate consistently through the appointment and create a look in your budget! you will walk away feeling heard, relieved, and confident. lets make some collaborative hair magic and create a killer look!

if you're into it +

want to take the next step, fill out my