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while looking for your appointment, think about how long you are usually in the salon + how much hair you have.
vivid sessions are 100 an hour and range from 200-600
blonding or single process color sessions

are 75 an hour + range from 125-300


new moon

the new moon symbolizes fresh beginnings, book this service if you have not visited me at Rebel Grrl + you are looking for all over vivids.

400-600 4-6 hours 

full moon

the difference between the full + new moon session is the state of your hair before coming in. if you have already seen me for an all over vivids session + we are revamping it, this is for you. 

250-400+3.5 -4 hours


half moon 

this is commonly booked for a vivid overlay, to bring some depth back to your faded vivids without lightening.

new clients, this is for those looking to ease into the creative color look.

for existing clients this can also be for half highlights, ombre, + balayage. 


175-250+ 2.5-3.5 hours

crescent moon

the crescent moon is the tiniest sliver of the moon phases. this is for short hair, partial highlights, all over natural color, peekaboos, bright face framing color with glitter highlights


125+1.5-2.5 hours+

all prices are starting prices +
a final result in one session cannot be guaranteed.

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