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how do I book an appointment with you?

all appointments are booked online by clicking the book now button above. please fill out the form upon booking for acceptance.
you may reschedule or cancel online up to 48 hours before.

which color session do I choose?

my services are based on your budget, your hair history, the amount of hair you have, and the end goal. the crescent moon session is for the smallest projects, the full moon is for the largest.

if you are usually in the salon for over two hours, choose a half moon session. for four hours or more you would choose a full or new moon session depending on if you are a new guest or not!

do you offer bridal hair + makeup?

bridal hair + makeup trials can be booked online. bridal contracts can be sent by email request.

when should I book my next appointment?

6-12 weeks on average, however vivids are made to be "lived in" and many guests go 6 months to a year.

how do I contact you?

by text: 404-539-5602
by email:
by IG: @rebelgrrlhair

can I book a balayage or more natural color? 

absolutely! I am accepting all new guests at this time.

what are vivids?

a double process, first using lightener "bleach," and then using semi permanent color that coats + conditions the outside of the hair's cuticle using the fantasy rainbow colors of your choosing.

where are you located?

in a private solo suite, upstairs at City Walk's "My Salon Suite" across from Kroger. 


I am in Sandy Springs, Georgia, accessible from Roswell Road + Hammond Drive.

PLEASE avoid 400 + 285 due to construction!

can I book for a haircut?

yes- there is a cut section on my site where you can book according to the length of your hair!

is my shampoo safe for vivids (semi permanent color?)

the best hair insurance can be found in the salon. vivids gradually fade over 48 professional shampoos! I carry many different products at different affordable price points, with personalized TLC + professional vivid color protection.

ask me your question here!

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